Interview with Bijou-Moscow

In an interview with Bijou-Moscow, Anahit Ghazaryan is talking about her career as an Art critic, and how she became a Fashion designer.
She talked about where stories and ideas for new jewelry come from and
which of the famous designers of the past is close to her in spirit.
Also, she told to Bijou-Moscow how did her style develop.

"Today, fashion is not only my lifestyle but also my favorite job.
My style was formed due to my favorite work and love for everything beautiful.
My jewelry is made in the collage technique. While creating accessories I use, natural semi-precious stones, natural fur, silver, brass, and many other materials.

For me, one of the revolutionary designers of the past and the future is Chanel, she made a revolution in the world of fashion, in the consciousness of society. Chanel for me is the personification of a wise and strong woman who fought all her life, swam against the flow, but won.
P.S. You need to fight for your ideas!"

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